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Exploring the Depths of Microsoft Power Platform

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

It is a collection of low-code or no-code tools designed to empower users to build custom business applications and automate workflows.

It consists of FIVE main components:

With its low-code approach, Microsoft Power Platform democratizes app development and process automation, empowering users to drive digital transformation within their organizations.

Fueling Productivity with Microsoft's Power Platform Now

The ABCs of Power Platform Embracing
No-Code, Low-Code Concepts

Why Investing Time in Power Platform Learning Matters?

Info Trek's Tailor-Made Programs

Microsoft Power Apps Essentials


15 – 16 Jan 2024


14 – 15 Mar 2024

Introduces the fundamental concepts and tools required to create powerful and intuitive business applications.

Microsoft Power Automate Essentials


17 Jan 2024


11 Mar 2024

Provides a comprehensive understanding of automating workflows and tasks using Power Automate, Microsoft’s workflow automation tool.

Certification Program for Power Platform by Info Trek



Learn the basics of Power Platform, exploring each tool's capabilities and their integration to create data-driven and user-friendly applications and workflows

Focuses on empowering individuals with the skills to design, build, and deploy custom business applications without extensive coding.

Covers topics such as requirements gathering, solution design, data modeling, workflow automation, and deployment strategies within Power Platform.

Explore advanced development concepts, including extending Power Apps using custom connectors, plugins, and leveraging Power Automate for complex automation scenarios.

Learn to design, build, and deploy software robots that automate repetitive tasks and processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency across various applications.

Gain hands-on experience in designing, architecting, and overseeing the implementation of solutions, preparing you to serve as a proficient Solution Architect leveraging the full potential of Power Platform.

Learn to connect to various data sources, transform data, and design interactive dashboards and reports to extract valuable insights from complex datasets.

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