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Exploring the Depths of Microsoft Power Platform

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of low-code or no-code tools designed to empower users to build custom business applications and automate workflows.

It consists of FIVE main components:

With its low-code approach, Microsoft Power Platform democratizes app development and process automation, empowering users to drive digital transformation within their organizations.

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Creates tailored business applications to meet specific needs, such as expense reporting and data entry forms. Imagine it as a Lego kit designed for creating apps that are customized to the specific requirements of your organization.

Automates repetitive tasks and workflows, such as sending notification and updating data based on triggers. Think of a robot taking over the dull tasks, giving you space to tackle bigger projects.

Analyzes data from multiple sources to gain insights including generating report, identifying trends, and dashboard creation. Picture it as a magnifier highlighting the unseen details and understandings in your data.

Develops chatbots tailored for customer support or in-house applications, such as responding to frequently asked questions, offering assistance, and automating interactions with customers. Imagine a user-friendly AI partner that navigates through everyday questions and chores with ease.

Designs safe websites for businesses to interact with the public, enabling brand promotion, external audience engagement, and possible connections with internal data sources. Think of it as a platform to build a professional online presence for your organization, accessible to anyone outside your company.


Enables individuals within the organization to address challenges and refine workflows without complete dependence on IT.

Automates routine tasks and optimizes workflows, creating more space for strategic projects.

Equips users with the means to analyze data for deeper understanding and insights.

Integrates seamlessly with various Microsoft products and services.

Who Should Attend?

People with business problems but little coding skill can use Microsoft Power Platform’s Power Apps. This tool lets them make their own apps to fix issues, making work smoother and more efficient.

Employees who want to learn how to make simple apps can use Power Apps from Microsoft Power Platform. They can automate tasks and make useful tools without always needing help from IT.

Those who work in IT use Microsoft Power Platform’s Power Automate to get rid of boring tasks, manage data better, and make everything run smoother. It helps them do their job better and faster.

Analysts use Power BI from Microsoft Power Platform to look at data and make reports. This helps them find important information and share it with others in a clear way.

People curious about making apps easily can learn a lot from Microsoft Power Platform. It shows them how to use technology to solve problems and create new things.

The ABCs of Microsoft Power Platform Embracing
No-Code, Low-Code Concepts

Why Investing Time in Microsoft Power Platform Learning Matters?

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Microsoft Power
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Microsoft Power Automate Essentials - HQ


17 -18 July 2024


25 -26 Sept 2024


Info Trek Training Centre

Provides a comprehensive understanding of automating workflows and tasks using Power Automate, Microsoft’s workflow automation tool.

Microsoft Power Automate Essentials - Johor


20 – 21 June 2024


Amerin Hotel, Johor Bahru

Provides a comprehensive understanding of automating workflows and tasks using Power Automate, Microsoft’s workflow automation tool.

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