Service Management Workshop

Unveiling Next-Gen Service Management and
Anti-fragility in an Era of Change

Expert-Led Learning with Jan de Vries

Speaker: Jan de Vries

  • Expert in Agile, DevOps, Business Information Management, Service Management, and Antifragility.
  • Extensive experience in research, coaching, and speaking.
  • Co-founder of forward-thinking initiatives.

Reasons you won’t want to miss out the FREE WORKSHOP

  • Elevate your organizational leadership skills in navigating change with confidence.
  • Dive into strategic insights for a powerful revamp of your service management approach.
  • Explore the game-changing benefits of embracing antifragility concepts.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with innovative strategies tailored just for you.

Workshop Agenda

Part 1

A Fresh Perspective on Service Management

    • Discover the game-changing Unified Service Management (USM) method from The Netherlands.
    • Challenge the norm, revamp your service management thinking.
    • Learn practical, principle-based approaches for lasting improvements.

Part 2

The Power of Anti-fragility

  • Move beyond resilience – thrive in disruptive environments.
  • Uncover the power of antifragility in DevOps, chaos engineering, and more.
  • Gain insights to strengthen systems and boost efficiency, enjoyment, and innovation.

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